Energy Projects | 
  • Hellisheidi Geothermal Plant, Iceland | Create control drawings, commissioning and testing of the control system (together with Rafteikning hf, Iceland)
  • Lagarfoss Hydro Power Plant, Iceland | Control drawings & circuit protection diagrams (together with Rafteikning hf, Iceland)
  • Small Hydropower Plant, Bulgaria | Consultancy services

Pharma Projects |
  • Actavis, Iceland | Participation in design, tender documents, evaluation of bids, erection supervision, testing and commissioning of all electrical, control and security equipment (together with Rafteikning hf, Iceland)
  • Actavis, Malta | Participation in design, programming and commissioning of control for HVAC (together with Rafteikning hf, Iceland)
  • Actavis, Bulgaria | Luminary design and calculations to build a new 15 000 sqm production area; Control system for low humidity system, engineering and validation; High accuracy purified water dosing system, engineering and validation package; User Requirements Specifications ( URS ), Functional specifications ( FS ), Functional Design Specifications ( FDS ), Software Design Specifications ( SDS ), Validation Plans, preparation and execution IQ, OQ, DQ, PQ protocols for dryers, coaters, high shear mixers, lab coaters and WIP systems
  • Gerard Laboratories, Ireland | Validation documents for process and packaging equipment, GAMP4 and 5
  • HBP, Ireland | Particle counting, humidity, and temperature mapping class 8 ISO
  • Antibiotic, Bulgaria | Upgrade of fluid bed dryers and coating pans, including process, mechanical and electrical design work, selection of equipment and instrumentation, PLC and SCADA programming, validation of the systems
  • Alvogen Pharma, Bulgaria | Thermal mapping of warehouses and cooling rooms
  • GE Pharmaceuticals, Bulgaria | Temperature and humidity mapping of facilities
  • Kendy Pharma, Bulgaria | Validation of facility building and production machines
  • O’Hara, Canada | Engineering and Validation services for continuous and lab coaters in domestic and West European projects
  • N & F Pharma, Bulgaria | General services to build a new water for injections plant; develop full process technology, facility models and clean rooms, staff and material flows; solutions for the equipment using different frequency and voltage; preparation technical documentation about autoclaves, filling, dosing and packing machines and the compressed air system; P&ID diagrams
  • Roche, Bulgaria | Validation of drug warehouse: ficilities, backup power supply, cooling room, etc; Validation of the monitoring software system – computer validation
  • Adipharm, Bulgaria | Qualification of HVAC
  • Vpharma, Bulgaria | Qualification of HVAC

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